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IGT is a company specialising in the investigation of subsoils by means of geophysical methods. We work in a number of fields of activity including Mining, Hydrogeology, Geotechnics & Civil Engineering, Environmental and Archaeology.

Among our clients are to be found private companies and government institutions in over 30 countries. We are proud to offer our clients quality and reliability based on the skills of our technical personnel, our material resources and equipment, and the experience of our company.

logo Medios GeofisicosMedios Geofísicos S.L. is a daughter company of IGT, born in 1999, and focused on the sale of instrumentation and software, mainly aimed at geophysical investigations, although also for Hydrogeology and Meterology.

Medios Geofísicos is sole distributor in Spain for some of the leading manufacturers of geophysical instrumentation in USA, UK, Canada, France and Italy.

The company is active not only in Spain, but also in other countries including Italy, France, Morocco, Portugal etc.